Sketching Workshops South Devon
I am planning to do a series of sketching workshops in South Devon.
The workshops will be tailored to suit the requirements of participants from single workshops to full courses. And they will be suitable for beginners or sketching enthusiasts.
I am sorting the locations for these workshops and details will be available shortly.

The Idea
A practical introduction to urban and landscape
sketching using minimal materials. They will be packed with ideas, tutorials and constructive feedback.

Don't consider yourself to be an artist? That makes two of us so come and join in!
Sections include:

1. Composition

What make an interesting sketch, the basics of perspective and vanishing points. Rule of thirds for layout.
2. Pencil Outline
How to plot the basics of the sketch in pencil, how to break it into sections.

3. Inking the Sketch
Using ink to create the outline and initial shading. 

4. Colouring the Sketch
Using minimal colours for maximum effect. Adding colour for depth and tone.

Materials will be provided or you can bring your own - only minimal materials required - details will be provided prior to booking.
Thank you!
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