What I do

I used to only use fountain pen and brush pen - all black. There was a simplicity of everything being in black and white. But I wanted to add colour for some depth and shade - so I used watercolour, and I found this a bit overwhelming. Gone was the simplicity of mimimal materials and the freedom to do it anywhere and not have to think too much about what colours to use.​​​​​​​
And then I had an idea

I was sketching and I had a glass of red wine. I’d done the black ink and something possessed me to dip a bush in the wine and add it to the paper - and as it dried I really liked the effect it had created.

But, as you can see from these early sketches, I also added another colour - coffee, mixed with the red wine.
Coffee and Red Wine

I still had a lot of the previous simplicity that I had missed - all I needed was a drop of red wine and a few coffee granules and that was it. I had the depth and shading that I felt the sketches needed and I didn’t need to worry about paint palettes and water and what colours to do - but as I practiced it soon became apparent that there was a fair amount of flexibility in just using these two things - and a curious sepia effect one at that.
Thank you!
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