watercolour and ink sketch journal
spontaneous sketching, looking for meaning using only watercolour and ink​​​​​​​
a twisted view of reality or a view of twisted reality?

I combine elements of observed reality and symbolism into pen and ink sketches that have meaning based om my view of the world
the imagination is only a window into reality

do you want to come on the journey?

sketches not drawings - spontaneous, no planning, no rule of thirds, no golden ratio
a journal not a sketchbook - combining text and narrative with sketches to tell a story and record the imagination
why do it?
for fun, relaxation, explanation, create a place to express your feelings in a way you wouldn't usually be willing or able to - get creative!
all sketches are hand rendered
using fountain pen, brush pen and watercolour. I don't use procreate, I like the feel of pen and brush on paper. And there is no undo or delete button; I don't use whiteout - the only way to make corrections is to take the sketch in another direction, which can make things more organic and interesting
you can find out more in the
MATERIALS section - coming soon
Lamy LX Fountain Pen
Lamy LX Fountain Pen
Pentel Brush Pen
Pentel Brush Pen
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