I had an idea
I wanted to do something using everyday materials that were pretty much free - so i gave it a go, and this is the result

all done with a difference

the only conventional tools I now use are fountain pens (I can't do without them) and a brush pen (that I only now use sparingly) 

sketching not drawing

sketches not drawings - spontaneous, no planning, no rule of thirds, no golden ratio - draw what you see

want to come on the journey?

I will update the site and the newsletter with my sketching journey - and reveal what I use and how I use it.
all sketches are hand rendered
I don't use procreate, I like the feel of pen and brush on paper. And there is no undo or delete button; I don't use whiteout - the only way to make corrections is to take the sketch in another direction, which can make things more organic and interesting
Lamy LX Fountain Pen
Lamy LX Fountain Pen
Pentel Brush Pen
Pentel Brush Pen
Thank you!
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